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The annexes of ASTM D 2885-99 describes how to use proto-fuels for very accurate comparative measurements. The statistical principes described for round-robin as well as the annexes describing preparation, storage and handling of proto-fuels used to validate analysers readings are invaluable and applicable to any certification of blends using on line analysers.

Further to the success of calibration piston floating cylinders, OPTA-PERIPH recently extended the range to bigger capacity cylinders (up to 1.000 dm3) and their application to proto fuel storage involves the following benefits:

  • Simplifies the Prototype Fuel Calibration Procedure of ASTM D 2885 Octane Comparator

  • Proto fuel chamber is a piston-floating cylinder designed for up to 1.000-dm3 capacity

  • Patented double piston barrier prevents weathering even with volatile fuels 

  • No vapor loss / bubble / flash / Nitrogen blanquet off-gasing / contamination 

  • No chilling procedure required before filling or during storage

  • Continuous mixing device to keep proto fuel homogeneity and reduce last fuel discard 

  • Accepts oxygenates or other octane enhancers, prevents from any source of O.N. change

  • Features a patented anti-oxidant Nitrogen inter-seal

  • Cylinder wall autocleaning by piston scraper

  • Closed level indicator preventing fuel for light exposure 

  • All wetted parts in 316L S. S.polished to 0.2 µm Ra and PTFE, no soldered seams assembly. 


  • Unopened standard fuel portable cylinder sytem for Prototype Fuel calibration 

  • Additive injection special fitting 

  • Level transmitter ATEX II 2G for remote monitoring of Proto Fuel contained

  • Low level alarm ATEX II 2G

  • Water traces detector activated during fuel collection operation from bulk storage vessel.

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