Blended fuels autosampling according to ISO 3171; ASTM D4177 and IP Petroleum..
This is a blending management tool for tracking performances of finished products: purpose is to collect a representative sample throughout the blend for laboratory analysis: 
Today blending recipes optimization softwares are implemented in refineries and performance test has to be evaluated to check that property improvement has been achieved within acceptable deviation.
As addition, before of models development, blending off-line studies require continuous quality reporting for historical data.
For non batch blending’s, quality reporting is almost impossible since manual sampling according to ISO 3170 is required hourly when blend is in steady state.
For batch blending’s, destination tank swings , stirring requirements and ISO 3170 sample manual collection difficulties are making critical as well quality reporting exercises.
The fuels autompler ISOSAMPLE 5100 grabs automatically from blender outlet successive samples in proportion to flow or time to be stored in a piston floating cylinder receiver.

refinery-autosampler blending-rundown-sample-2

Patented double piston barrier prevents weathering even with volatile fuels
. No vapor loss / bubble / flash / Nitrogen blanket off-gasing / contamination
. No chilling procedure required before filling or during storage
. Continuous mixing device to keep fuel homogeneity and reduce last fuel discard
. Accepts oxygenates or other octane enhancers, prevents from any source of property change
. Features a patented anti-oxidant Nitrogen inter-seal
. Cylinder wall autocleaning by piston scraper
. Closed level indicator preventing fuel for light exposure
. All wetted parts in 316L S. S.polished to 0.2 µm Ra and PTFE, no soldered seams assembly.
.Unopened standard fuel portable cylinder system for laboratory properties analysis