Moisture Monitor - Hygrometer

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1) Reference instrument

Fundamental measuring principle based on Faraday's law of electrolysis ; does not require calibration.

2) Measurement accuracy


With many moisture analysers typically offering ranges of -80 to -20°C dewpoint (0.5 to 1020 ppm) or -60 to O°C dewpoint (10 to 6000 ppm), how can you obtain accurate measurement in the critical 0-10 ppm(v) range? The OEM7 is directly programmable by customer on ranges between 0-50 ppb and 0-5000 ppm(v) or (p). The measurement unit is programmable as well as Dew Point at referenced pressure or in lb/MMSCFT.

3) Fast response even at low moisture levels


For the portable analyser featuring the close microcell principle, a final reading can be established within 10 minutes after connection in line, even at sample moisture levels below 5 ppm(v). 

4) Direct on line connection requiring no additional sampling equipment


The integrated sample conditioning/probe holder assembly controls flows and pressures set points automatically. No user adjustment is required for process pressure variations between 1,5 and 200 bar g. On block conditioning, minimal surface contact with sample means that equilibrium reading is not established at the expense of response time.

5) Suitable for a wide range of applications


Even for corrosive gases like chlorine.

6) Low maintenance


No sensor to be changed. The cell is only constituted by a double platinium (or rhodium) wiring supported by a special glass rod and requires only to be regenerated by the Integrator or End User according to the procedure specified in the Instructions Manual.

7) OEM contact :


Quantity substantial discount available with application to be handled by customer.