In Situ Pressure Amplifier Sample Take-off Probe “ISOPROBE 8200

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To address the recent interest for the Floating LNG technology which may become in the future a significant part of liquefaction plants, the company achieved, last year, the development of the In Situ Pressure Amplifier Sample Take-off Probe “ISOPROBE 8200” dedicated to Low pressure sampling in LNG tanks and/or pipelines.


Low pressure in tank LNG or reduced liquid pressure exiting the vessel due to line losses or pressure drop, such applications are mainly encountered in some FLNG systems or Small scale LNG production plants as well as for NGL plants.


  Further to the world success of LNG vacuum -supercritical Probe /Vaporizer, OPTA-PERIPH developed the Immerged Pressure Amplifier sample take-off probe “ISOPROBE 8200” as the only available today solution when the two phases envelope calculated diagram demonstrates a  liquid sample at saturated conditions (i.e. already at or near from bubble point)  in process line or in a vessel.

In situ Pressure amplification at sample take-off will avoid the light ends to be evolving in probe as soon as the system pressure is decreased and/or the system temperature is increased from the point where the sample is taken.