FSRU /FLNG Liquid phase manual Spot Sampling for LNG and for renewable bio and e-LNG either LCO2 and Propane LPG.

For any liquefied gas composition to be analysed in gas state, now comes the variable Volume and variable Pressure liquid spot sampling by expansible sealed receptacle.

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Cryogenic spot liquid phase manual sampling in the“BTU Prover”expansible sealed receptacle out of vapor coexistence make it possible to constitute a sample whose composition in close volume is not compromised by the change to gaseous state generating the reference gas whose analyze will give the true and accurate physical matter composition.

A cryogenic process bypass consisting of two opposite pitot tubes openings is transferring at great velocity of sub-cooled liquified gas across the expansible sealed receptacle which will charge in close volume and further conversion to gaseous state a 1USG portable container previously vacuumed.


  • The sampling solution responding to all generations of liquefied gas composition from LNG and up to new generations of ongoing alternatives on which sample composition differs such as e-methane and H2 mixtures; either
    LCO2 or Propane LPG sampling apply.

  • The process pressure can be effectively at the level of atmosphere the only specification is related to the process line flow velocity required from 3 m/s and beyond.

  • No GCV uncertainty, true and accurate physical matter composition of sample as change to gaseous state occurs in close containment.

  • Further conversion to stable gaseous state, constant volume containers of 1USG are charged at 5barg and taken at different phases of transfer (usually 25/50/75%) of ship tank level.

  • High capacity of gas container authorizes off-line analysis workflow requirement plus sub containers distribution for each to the seller and buyer and third party.

  • Compliance with "GIIGNL HANDBOOK” at paragraph 6.9: "LNG spot sampling”

  • Compliance with “ISO 8943” for Subcooling rate guidance.

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Correlation with recognized world standards :

GII Handbook : Note Para 6.9 */ A quantity of LNG from a process line is injected into a chamber, which had previously been cooled down by LNG circulation, to partially fill the chamber with LNG. The chamber is then isolated. The LNG sample is brought to ambient temperature and vaporizes, so that the regasified LNG fills the whole volume of the chamber, the chamber being designed to withstand the pressure increase. Gas samples are then withdrawn from the chamber.

ISO 8943 : Note 6.31: Heat exchange is sufficient to gasify the whole volume of LNG which is withdrawn for sampling.
6.3.2: Heavier components of LNG shall not remind in the vaporizer – 6.5.1: Pressure regulator integrated where the gasified LNG is transferred to the container- fig 1A: Surveil during operation of Enthalpy of saturated liquid.

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