“ PurityQualif”


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Further to the world success of LNG vacuum -supercritical Probe /Vaporizer and the ISO 8943 BTU Autosampling “Isosampler 8100” with “IsoQualif” validation method; OPTA-PERIPH introduces the Trace Contaminants Autosampling “ Purisampler 9100” with “ PuriQualif” validation method.

Trace Contaminants sampling is a true analytical challenge and specific technology and materials are required.
 Sampling line is to be as short as possible (preferably less than a meter in length) and cannot be done with standard stainless steel tubing and components since contaminants are chemically reactive and degrade rapidly. In fact, for quantitatively transferring low ppm to low ppb concentrations , inert surface treatment is required to avoid Sulfur or Mercury components adsorption as well as strong heating (at 150°C for Mercury) of all sampling parts.
For all these reasons, selective sampling of LNG contaminants cannot be

operated at the remote BTU Autosampler cabinet and dedicated contaminants sampling cabinet is installed ad side of vaporizer unit at sample take-off point.

For Mercury and Sulphur measurements to meet the sensitivity and accuracy requirements on laboratory analysis, analytical method can require the use of selective cumulative adsorption sampling technique followed by thermal desorption.

For the Moisture measurement, a sampling for off-line analysis is not a recognized option and on line analysis using a prime measuring method is preferred since calibration operation should be extremely critical for sub ppb trace measurements.

Last but not least, complete certification of the Sampling / off line Analyser solution at the witnessed Factory Acceptance Test of system is to be evaluated by absolute / traceable calibration method: the “PurityQualif “certification is offered on purpose