Water cooler (chiller) 94/09/CE ATEX EExp

This is a range of Recirculating Water Coolers (R.W.C.) ;Recirculating Water Coolers Heater (R.W.C.H.) ; Ventilating Air Conditioning ( V.A.C ) and Heated Ventilating Air Conditioning ( H.V.A.C) equipment designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


The main , original , unique feature of this equipment is that safety is achieved by air purging rather than by the more common use of explosion proofing. This novel approach offers advantages both in the size and weight of the equipment as well as performances .


Each unit is ATEX Group II 2 G certified EExp IIC T3 and systems are totally enclosed and maintained at an overpressure with respect to the outside atmosphere by means of clean air. This totally eliminate the corrosion of copper heat exchange components associated with traditional systems installed in harsh environments .

Main specifications of water coolers and air conditioners:

Cooling capacity : 200 to 12 000 Kcal/hr or 800 to 50 000 Btu/hr

Ambient operating conditions : - 20 to + 60°C

Chilled water/antifreeze ( brine ) flow : 200 to 2 000 L/hr

Conditioned air flow : 250 to 1 250 Sm3/hr

Condensing unit water cooling : max.water temperature 50 °C ; water flow depends on application

No condensation of water on cooled surfaces due to the low dew point of pressurising air.

Enclosures are ingress protected to IP65 so may readily be sited outdoors with no additional protection.

Range of water coolers and air conditioners:

Systems may be supplied with air or water cooled condensing unit ( water cooling is recommended ).

Systems with water cooling condensing unit are rack mounted , removable .

An optional heater may be fitted in the reservoir of the chiller units (R.W.C.H.) or in the air loop of air conditioners (H.V.A.C.).

The Air conditioner may also be fitted with dust and condensate removal features .

Air conditioners can also be used to provide overpressure of a room where an explosion hazard can exist in this case the fan is engineered for the application.

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