a 2000 G's revolution in analyser sample conditioning systems


French company OPTA-PERIPH is presenting on market the "CENTRIFILTER" a world-wide unique and patented Centrifuge Filter and Dewatering Device for Liquid Sample Process Analyser Conditioning.
This concept is opening a new sampling conditioning philosophy offering performances beyond any type of conventional filter or coalescer not effective on black or heavy products and requiring continuous maintenance 
Solid and liquid contaminants are the most usual cause of problems in process analyse, the centrifuge separation (based on ASTM D4007-02) proved to be the most effective method for removing particles down to 0.5 µm and liquid contaminants such as water, glycerine or other heavier down to 10 PPM.
The sample stream is moved to the inside of the bowl assembly; the force created by the pneumatic motorisation exceeds 2000 G’s and causes contaminants to accumulate on the inside wall of the bowl forming a solid sludge for particles and a water layer forced to drain for the liquid contaminants.
Centrifuge separation is applied under process pressure to avoid separation of light components on multiphase samples.
Water and liquid contaminants are automatically drained and the sludge is made up on disk of paper easy to be removed.
Internal volume of bowl is only 440 CC and analyser sample flow up to 15 l/h can be clarified; sample wetted part are SS and PTFE and the system is 100% pneumatically operated.
Usual applications: Physical property analysers sampling conditioning mainly for sediments and water separation in Crude oil / particles, water and glycerin separation in biofuel / usual filters and coalescers upgrading on heavy gas oil, gasoline, kerosene, naphtha, lube-oil 

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